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Jeremy Gaston/Herald-Chronicle
Former state representative Joe Hummerickhouse signs in to vote with Marilyn Geisy, center, and Thelma Hummerickhouse, right, at the Osage City Community Center Tuesday morning.

Jeremy Gaston | Managing Editor

LYNDON—Osage City saw what Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach predicted would be an average voter turnout on Tuesday, with 7,133 voters casting ballots in the general election. That’s equal to 67.45 percent of the county’s 10,576 active voters.

“It was more than what I thought,” said Osage County Clerk Rhonda Beets. “We pack (supplies) for 70 percent, so I’m pleased with that. I think it’s great.”

There were 6,853 active voters casting ballots, in addition to 280 provisional ballots.

“We had more people that hadn’t voted in a long time,” Beets said. “Those people had dropped off the rolls for not being active. There were a lot of provisionals for those kind of things. A lot who weren’t even registered.”

Despite a new voter ID law that went into place, the county saw minimal problems with voters failing to produce ID.

“Of 280 provisional ballots, only five of them were because of (not having) ID,” Beets said.

Beets also said the polling process commenced without issue.
“Everybody was busy, which is great,” she said. “It’s the same amount of work, whether 10 percent or 80 percent vote. It went really well.”

In addition to participating in national and state races, the county solely decided to retain Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn by a 4,705 to 1,888 vote, as well as Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones.

Three municipal ballot questions posed questions for three Osage County cities. Osage City approved a half-cent sales tax for street-related maintenance and improvements, while Lyndon rejected a half-cent hike for public works. Carbondale also resolved a long-standing issue, voting to allow the use of ATVs and related vehicles within the city limits.

Unofficial county results, followed by state results, winners in bold. Totals may not reflect winners in national races.

National offices
President/Vice President
Obama/Biden, Dem. 2,228 426,352 59,725,608
Romney/Ryan, Rep. 4,336 674,598 57,098,650
Johnson/Gray, Lib. 164 19,779 1,139,562
Baldwin/Martin, Ref. 43 4,704 4,704

U.S. Representative, 2nd District
Tobias Schlingensiepen, Dem. 2,349 108,936
Lynn Jenkins, Rep. 4,003 157,450
Dennis Hawver, Lib. 384 11,730

State offices
State Senator, 19th District
Anthony Hensley, Dem. 3,033 16,124
Casey W. Moore, Rep. 3,676 11,546

State Representative, 54th District
Ann E. Mah, Dem. 1,346 5,303
Ken Corbet, Rep. 1,689 5,330

State Representative, 59th District
Caleb Correll, Dem. 485 2,476
Blaine Finch, Rep. 930 6,433

State Representative 76th District
Janet L. Lewis, Dem. 884 3,213
Peggy Mast, Rep. 1,269 5,641

State Board of Education, 4th District
Carolyn L. Campbell, Dem. 3,616 82,107
Jack Wu, Rep. 2,671 33,341

State question
Taxation of watercraft - An amendment to allow lawmakers to classify and tax watercraft on a unique basis.
Yes 2,969 539,745
No 3,236 465,355

County offices
County Commissioner, 2nd District
Gaylord D. Anderson, Rep. 2,001

County Commissioner, 3rd District
Kenneth J. Kuykendall, Rep. 1,835

County Clerk
Rhonda Beets, Rep. 5,676

County Treasurer
Jo Ann Hamilton, Rep. 5,803

Register of Deeds
Linda L. Massey, Rep. 5,805

County Attorney
Brandon L. Jones, Rep. 4,764
Fredrick B. Campbell, Lib. 1,548

County Sheriff
David Kidwell, Dem. 1,888
Laurie Dunn, Rep. 4,705

Votes for the retention of district and appellate judges representing Osage County.

Kansas Supreme Court
Position No. 7 - Nancy L. Moritz
Yes 3,514
No 2,431

Position No. 2 - Steve Leben
Yes 3,517
No 2,327

Position No. 3 - G. Joseph Pierron, Jr.
Yes 3,409
No 2,307

Position No. 6 - David E. Bruns
Yes 3,530
No 2,192

Position No. 8 - G. Gordon Atcheson
Yes 3,231
No 2,454

Position No. 9 - Karen Arnold-Burger
Yes 3,210
No 2,479

Position No. 10 - Richard D. Greene
Yes 3,126
No 2,258

4th Judicial District Court
Division No. 2. Thomas H. Sachse
Yes 3,453
No 2,216

Division No. 3 - Eric W. Godderz
Yes 3,884
No 1,948

Division No. 1 - Taylor J. Wine
Yes 3,943
No 1,844

Township officers
(Contested races only)
Junction Trustee
Donald L. Croy, Dem. 200
Gary Summers, Rep. 329

Melvern Trustee
Wayne Litch, Dem. 163
Jeff Swendson, Rep. 134
Municipal questions

Lyndon City Question
Half-cent sales tax for public services.
Yes 176
No 247

Carbondale City Question
Allow operation of ATVs, golf cart, work-site
vehicles within city limits
Yes 283
No 169

Osage City Question
Half-cent sales tax for maintenance and improvements of street related infrastructure.
Yes 574
No 480

Sources: Osage County Clerk's Office,,

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