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LYNDON—The Osage County Commissioners canvassed provisional ballots at their regular meeting Monday morning.

Two tight races in Osage City awaited the canvassing results. After election night, the race for the city council seat in ward one was tied between Denise Lauber and Ricky Martin. In city council seat Ward two, only two votes separated Michael Handly and Robert Rowe.

Commissioners went through guidelines, set out by the state, to determine whether provisional ballots could be tallied for the April 2 election. Many of the ballots that were ineligible to be counted were thrown out because they were not registered in Osage County, they failed to sign the envelope for advanced ballot, or the voter did not bring ID to the polling place. If a voter forgot ID, they were given until 8:30 a.m. Monday to bring ID by the county clerk’s office.

After going through all the provisional ballots, commissioners found 12 acceptable ballots and one partial ballot to add to election results. The partial ballot was due to a person voting at the wrong polling place in Osage City. Commissioners were able to count the part of the ballot that was not specific to his/her address.

The extra ballots did not affect the outcome of either Osage County race and the race for ward one stayed deadlocked at 70 votes apiece. Lauber and Martin had been informed that if they stayed tied, the tie would be broken at 10:30 Monday morning at the commission meeting. Martin could not be at the meeting, but Lauber was present and called the coin toss.

“My boys always say tails never fails,” Lauber said. “I’ll go with tails.”

The coin landed heads up, giving the race to Ricky Martin. Before she left, county commissioner Ken Kuykendall thanked Lauber for running.

“Please run again,” Kuykendall said. “We need good people running for office and we hope this hasn’t discouraged you. Thank you for running.”

Official Election Results
Municipal questions

USD 434 Bond Issue
Yes 797
No 387

Lyndon half-cent sales tax
Yes 92
No 146

Municipal filings

Ray Hovestadt 104
Mike Dorr (Write In) 122

Council Members
Christopher L. Moon 137
Michelle E. Mullinix 110

Jim Nelson 91
Rose A. Parker 101

Council Members
Cheryl Lister 54
Lee Curtis 56
George Reed 30
John Ryan 56

Kay Jones 55

Council Members
Chris R. Cole 156
Wayne Howard 114
Darby Kneisler 136
Douglas L. Watson 128
(Write In) 25

Joyce A. Lacey 51

Council Members
Robert Bradley 22
Sean P. Criqui 33
Mike Volkman 49

Osage City
Steve Haller 137
Quintin J. Robert 325

Ward 1
Rebecca Davis 11
Denise Lauber 70
Ricky L. Martin* 70
*decided by coin toss

Ward 2
Michael J. Handly 40
Robert J. Rowe 42

Ward 3
Edwin C. Mueller 78

Ward 4
Rebecca A. “Becky” Brewer 84
Frances N. Burkett 51

Bill Miles (Write In) 8

Council Members
Mary Brown (Write In) 7
Tim Ormsby (Write In) 7
John Warner (Write In) 6
Charles Neill (Write In) 7
Debbie Neill (Write In) 4

Donald J. Schultz 235

Council Members
Carol Ann Baughman 177
Jon A. Brady 203

Council Members
Adam Anderson 18
Michael Burgess 9
Stephen M. Casteel 20
Chris Boggs (Write In) 11
Harold Bechtle 7

Robert T. Sims 126

Council Members
Gary M. Burkdoll 90
Jennifer L. Burkdoll 89
Ray E. Lester 47
Jack Mayfield 56

Frontier Extension District
Gary Thompson 1,793
Peggy Tucker 1,200

School board filings

USD 420 Osage City
Position 4
Michael Pitts 450

Position 5
Diane Kimball 158
Raymond L. Lauber 346

Position 6
Cindy Cook 464

USD 421 Lyndon

Position 1B
Lori Sturdy 273

Position 2A
David Brecheisen 275

Position 2B
Robert M. Knoernschild Jr. 265

Position 3B
Melissa K. Herdman 168
Gary Summers 141

USD 434 Santa Fe Trail

Position 2
Michele Ferris 905

Position 4
Zachary Anshutz 971

Position 5
Randy Boudeman 946

Position 6
Amy Crotinger 658
Mark A. VanCamp 356

USD 454 Burlingame

Position 1
Billie McClure (Write In) 45

Position 5
Cathy Fagan 229

Position 6
Tanyea A. Bingham 127
Brandi Shaffer 157

USD 456 Marais des Cygnes Valley

Position 4
Roxie Lee Bush 44
Mark R. Lacey 154

Position 5
Jamie Sowers 178

Position 6
Robert K. Bailey 168