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The USD 434 bond issue and the Lyndon’s half-percent sales tax drew out more than half of the veters who participated in Tuesday’s election.

The USD 434 bond passed by a 790-387 vote, or 71 percent of voter approval. The Lyndon half-cent municipal sales tax failed 146-91, with 62 percent of voters rejecting the measure.

The combined districts accounted for 54 percent of Tuesday’s voters, 1,414 of the 2,621 counted ballots, representing 25 percent of Osage County’s 10,658 registered voters.

USD 434 Bond Issue
Shall Unified School District No. 434, Osage County, Kansas (Santa Fe Trail), issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $4,600,000, to pay the costs to: (a) construct, equip and furnish a new Fine Arts Auditorium Facility to be located at the existing Santa Fe Trail High School site in the District to create a 500-seat auditorium with stage, band and choir classroom, offices, storage and other support spaces; (b) construct, equip and furnish a Physical Education Facility to be located at the existing Santa Fe Trail High School site in the District to create an Auxiliary Gymnasium with seating for 500 and including locker rooms, a weight room, wrestling practice area, lobby area and other support areas; (c) make all other necessary improvements appurtenant thereto (collectively, the “Project”); and (d) pay costs of issuance and interest on said general obligation bonds of the District during construction of the Project?

Yes 791
No 389

Lyndon sales tax
Shall the City of Lyndon, Kansas, be authorized to impose a one-half percent (.5%) city-wide retailers’ sales tax for purposes of improving and maintaining the public streets and bridges, that increases in property taxes be avoided if possible, that voters should be given a choice as to the method used to finance public services; and, such other general governmental purposes as may be in the best interest of the City, with collection of such sales tax to commence on October 1, 2013, or as soon thereafter as is legally permissible?

Yes 91
No 146

Municipal filings

Ray Hovestadt 104
Mike Dorr 122

Council Members
Christopher L. Moon 137
Michelle E. Mullinix 110

Jim Nelson 91
Rose A. Parker 101

Council Members
Cheryl Lister 53
Lee Curtis 56
George Reed 29
John Ryan 56

Kay Jones 55

Council Members
Chris Cole 156
Wayne Howard 114
Darby Kneisler 135
Douglas L. Watson 127

(Write In) 25

Joyce A. Lacey 51

Council Members
Robert Bradley 22
Sean P. Criqui 33

Mike Volkman 49

Osage City
Steve Haller 136
Quintin J. Robert 324

Ward 1
Rebecca Davis 11
Denise Lauber 70
Ricky L. Martin 70

Ward 2
Michael J. Handly 40
Robert J. Rowe 42

Ward 3
Edwin C. Mueller 78

Ward 4
Rebecca A. “Becky” Brewer 84
Frances N. Burkett 50

Donald J. Schultz 234

Council Members
Carol Ann Baughman 177
Jon A. Brady 202

Council Members
Adam Anderson 18
Michael Burgess 9
Stephen M. Casteel 20
Chris Boss 11

Harold Bechtle 7

Robert T. Sims 126

Council Members
Gary M. Burkdoll 90
Jennifer L. Burkdoll 89

Ray E. Lester 47
Jack Mayfield 56

(Write In) 8

Council Members
(Write In) 34

Frontier Extension District
Gary Thompson 1,787
Peggy Tucker 1,195

School board filings

USD 420 Osage City

Position 4
Michael Pitts 448

Position 5
Diane Kimball 158
Raymond L. Lauber 345

Position 6
Cindy Cook 463

USD 421 Lyndon
Position 1B
Lori Sturdy 271

Position 2A
David Brecheisen 273

Position 2B
Robert M. Knoernschild Jr. 264

Position 3B
Melissa K. Herdman 166
Gary Summers 141

USD 434 Santa Fe Trail
Position 2
Michele Ferris 899

Position 4
Zachary Anshutz 965

Position 5
Randy Boudeman 939

Position 6
Amy Crotinger 653
Mark A. VanCamp 354

USD 454 Burlingame
Position 1
(Write In) 85

Position 5
Cathy Fagan 229

Position 6
Tanyea A. Bingham 127
Brandi Shaffer 157

USD 456 Marais des Cygnes Valley
Position 4
Roxie Lee Bush 44
Mark R. Lacey 152

Position 5
Jamie Sowers 176

Position 6
Robert K. Bailey 166