Jeremy Gaston/Herald-Chronicle
Workers install a replacement three-phase transformer Tuesday morning at Burlingame schools.

Jeremy Gaston
| Editor

BURLINGAME—Students in all grades at Burlingame schools were given an extra day of summer after last week’s storms blew a crucial transformer behind the schools.

The three-phase transformer blew sometime around 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 13, when high winds hit high voltage lines in the area. The difficulty, however, came in replacing the unit, valued at more than $10,000.

“They looked all over and finally found this one in South Dakota,” said Allen Konicek, superintendent of Burlingame schools.

The transformer, which was located Saturday morning, was delivered and immediately installed late Tuesday morning by city employees. The delay in getting things started was enough to prompt the district to push back the start of school, with students entering the halls today (Thursday) instead of Wednesday.

“We’ve got to power up and see if we lost anything inside,” Konicek said. “We’ll start it up today and start getting things online. We’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow doing that.”

The city brought in a three-phase generator to help fill some of the needs of the school this week, allowing them to keep the refrigerators and freezers on, keep crucial network components cool, and turn on the lights for practices in the gyms.

The delay applied to school activities, with Wednesday becoming a teachers’ workday, and also the rescheduling of the elementary back to school event scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Despite the setback, Konicek expected no further delays in the start of school.

“As long as everything goes as planned,” he said.