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DeAun Michael
| Reporter

OSAGE CITY—Recycling has become even more convenient for Osage City area residents thanks to the combined efforts of the city of Osage City and Osage County and the recent addition of new recycling bins in the city.

Osage City Manager Nick Hernandez has announced the recycling trailer and bins purchased in cooperation with the county have arrived and been placed into operation at Osage City’s street department at Ninth and Main streets.

“The recycling bins were just put into use and we have had a lot of people that have already used them,” Hernandez said.

“The city is working with the county on pickups in order to make sure the bins are always empty and ready to serve the citizens,” he said.

The bins are each marked for specific recyclables and there are guidelines in place regarding which products can be placed in the bins.

The city asks that all items be rinsed and sorted by color. Lids, plastic or metal rings, foam and lead labels or crimped foil should be discarded. If possible, labels should be removed from glass and metal.

Recyclables accepted include:

• Plastic HDPE-2 (clear): Examples include milk, water and juice jugs, shampoo bottles, dish and laundry containers, and grocery and trash bags.

• Plastic PETE-1 (colored): Examples include 2-liter soda bottles, cooking oil bottles, margarine and Cool Whip containers.

• Glass (clear and colored): This includes unbroken glass separated by clear or colored. Examples are pop bottles, pickle jars, drinking glasses, and ketchup bottles.

• Magazines (colored paper): Among the acceptable items in this bin are phone books, junk mail, magazines, and catalogs.

•  Office paper (white): This bin will accommodate office and school papers, shredded paper and receipts.

•  Newspaper: No colored inserts are accepted in this bin. Newspapers placed in the bin will be made available to the Kiwanis Club to assist with their paper recycling program.

• Tin cans: This includes soup and vegetable cans, fruit cans and coffee cans, rinsed and not flattened.

• Aluminum: Beverage cans should be rinsed and not flattened.

The cardboard recycling trailer has also been moved to this location for the convenience of city residents. Broken down and folded flat cardboard including boxes, paper sacks, and cereal boxes are acceptable in the trailer.

Hernandez explained when weather permits, the city intends to add an exit point at the recycling location so residents utilizing the facility can enter off of Ninth Street and exit more conveniently onto Main Street.

City staff has been very impressed with the response to the new recycling bins, Hernandez said.

For the city, this will be a positive step towards diverting more recyclables from the landfill, he said. The landfill savings is expected to eventually pay for the cost of the recycling bins.

For anyone wishing to learn more about recycling, literature is available at the city office that includes all of the guidelines and materials being accepted at the Osage City recycling bins. For additional information on the Osage County recycling program, visit and click on the link for the road and bridge department, which oversees the county’s recycling program.