Lyndon graduates class of 2016

LYNDON—Twenty-four high school seniors walked into the Lyndon High School gymnasium May 15 for graduation, the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” played by the Lyndon High School band.

Madeline Volkman, class president, welcomed all those in attendance. Volkman and Rylan Burns, junior class president, presented the class key. High school principal Brad Marcotte introduced the guest speaker, Toby Baker. Following Baker, Olivia Miller co-salutatorian, spoke.

Miller thanked everyone in attendance for attending the graduation ceremony. She expressed all the help teachers, family and everyone had helped them to make it to this point. She spoke to the graduating class about the past and future.

“This year and today is not all about looking toward the future,” she said, “it is also about remembering the past.”

“In this school and town we have grown up,” Miller said. “We have experienced both the joy of making new friends and the heartache of losing some of them.”

She encouraged the class to remember all those who helped shape them into who they are today.

She ended with a quote from Dr. Seuss, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

Nicholas Ratzloff, co-salutatorian spoke next. Opened with humor.

“We are all thinking the same thing,” he said. “We finally did it, now lets get our diploma and get out of here.”

He felt that everyone was feeling the same on how weird it is that it was done. Also, that it was not only a special moment for the class but for family, school administration and the whole Lyndon community.

He explained that school was not just about grades, or the score at a certain game, it is also about the memories with each and every one.

“This is the last time all of us will be in this gym together,” Ratsloff said. “This is our last high school memory.”

The Lyndon High School choir sang “The Irish Blessing,” by J.E. Bacak, followed by a message from valedictorian Hannah Peimann.

“I thought for a long time about what I could say to you about the future,” Peimann said, “but I realized that I do not have much advice to share with you about the future because we are all in the same boat.”

She told the class about a few basic concepts that she hoped they will be able to remember after graduation to apply to their life. She encouraged them all to not be afraid to fail, always say please and thank you and not to be afraid to change their mind.

“My hope for you today is that if you ever find yourself in a place in your life where you are not satisfied with what you are doing, you will be willing to make a change,” she said.

She concluded with heartfelt gratitude to those who helped get the class to graduation including teachers and administrators.

“Thank you to each of the parents and other family members who gave us love and support every step of the way,” she concluded.

Marcotte presented the KSHSAA citizenship award to Madeline Volkman and Nick Ratzloff.

Marcotte presented the class of 2019 and members of the USD 421 Board of Education presented diplomas to the graduates.

Junior escorts were Ellie Fischer, Rachel Owens, Kyle Baker and Rylan Burns.


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