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Jeremy Gaston/Herald-Chronicle
Lee the Horse Logger and his team travel from Osage City to Scranton along U.S. Highway 56, slowly making their way to the next job.

Herald Chronicle Staff

OSAGE CITY—A Montana man known simply as Lee the Horse Logger, his five horses and two trailers, made their way through Osage County over the weekend, stopping in Osage City, Scranton and Carbondale.

Lee and his horses have been on the road six years, traveling across the country to perform logging jobs the old fashioned way. His next job is in Illinois, which will take more than three weeks to reach, followed by one in Massachusetts. This is his third trip across the country.

The team stopped in Osage City Thursday night and Scranton Friday evening. Lee spent several days at the intersection of Topeka Boulevard and Main Street in Carbondale, due to a bad back.
Lee and his team have done logging around Montana, Boston, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Denver and Oklahoma City. Lee has spent his life in Montana, never having electricity or running water. He is 51 years old and loves his way of life.

The team travels about 100 miles per week, at a cost of about $65 per day, to feed and keep his horses fed. He received several donations from locals to help with feeding the horses. He accepted a breakfast invitation to a local restaurant, one of only a few times he leaves his team. Lee said he has never been away from his horses for more than 12 hours in the past six years.

Lee asks people to follow three rules as they see him on the road – don’t run him over, give him a little room, and pull ahead of him to take pictures.

“Occasionally, one gets too close to my team and about runs us off the road,” he said.

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