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Jeremy Gaston/Herald-Chronicle
Ruth Robertson and her grandson, Landon Madill, 7, Topeka, pick through the rubble at the Robertson’s former home in Joplin, Mo.

Jeremy Gaston | Editor

CARBONDALE—A Joplin, Mo., couple is on their way toward a permanent home, two months after a tornado destroyed their duplex and everything they owned.

The May 22 EF5 tornado in Joplin leveled the home of Ruth and William “Bill” Robertson, who are both disabled and living on Social Security. The Coffeyville natives hope to enjoy small town living close to family in Topeka, and have made plans to relocate to Carbondale.

“We’re anxious to get settled somewhere and get back to our lives again,” Ruth Robertson said Monday. “At 51, starting all over again seems strange, but I guess you’ve got to do what you got to do sometimes.”

Having narrowly survived the storm, they feel lucky for the opportunity.
“We both had to be dug out,” Ruth said. “I looked up and here it was coming. A bird disappeared and I walked back to the kitchen and thought I needed to get away from the windows.”

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