USD 421 sends $12.3 million bond to ballot

LYNDON— At 7:42 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10, one of the first steps was made in an attempt to change the history and building of USD 421 schools. Bob Knoernschild, board president, completed reading aloud the official resolution authorizing and providing for the calling of a bond election, with all members voting to support it (see legal in this week's edition).

Although there will be talk, meetings and many steps in between, May 6 will be another important date. The date the resolution will reach the ballot.

Board of education meeting agendas

Agendas for February board of education meetings in Osage County.

USD 421 board pushes forward with bond issue

LYNDON—The USD 421 Board of Education wrapped up a busy week, hosting two public information meetings followed by a short meeting Monday to discuss the public’s response.

“I don’t think the meetings gave us any reason why we shouldn’t proceed,” said board member Lynda Farwell.

Board members agreed that the meetings helped bring issues to light that the board hadn’t discussed. Community members asked about security and safety issues pertaining to the school as well as a few miscellaneous items, such as light bulbs for the practice field.

USD 420 approves gym/shelter construction

OSAGE CITY—The Osage City USD 420 Board of Education met architects and construction managers to approve a $1,916,723 plan for new construction of the auxiliary gymnasium and storm shelter at a Jan. 29 special meeting.

“We’ve been working very hard and McPherson’s been working very hard to value engineer under the $1,950,000,” said Kenton Cox, project architect.

Bill Simms, project manager for McPherson Contractors, Inc., presented $204,470 in reductions and one $23,000 addition.

Public doesn’t have to be disagreeable to disagree

LYNDON—All members of the board, as well as several members of Lyndon and surrounding communities gathered for the first of two special meetings Tuesday night.

Guests slowly piled in the aged auditorium, witnessing the creaks of seating and a mysterious groaning noises that the superintendent later contributed to a problem-ridden boiler.

The board wanted to host the meetings to gather input about the proposed bond issue and building project from citizens of the district, and lengthy input is what they received.

USD 421 board, architect present plans for district

The USD 421 Board of Education hosted the first of two town hall meetings Tuesday night to discuss the status of the districts plans to renovate and expand educational space and improve student safety at the Lyndon elementary/mIddle and high schools. Dave Emig, of Emig & Associates Architects, Emporia, speaks to an audience of around 40 residents about the different parts of the plan, which includes moving all students to existing and new construction north of sixth street. The plan would close Seventh Street north of the existing high school.

USD 421 to move forward with bond proposal

LYNDON— A special meeting Jan. 16 led the USD 421 school board to essentially make the next step with the bond issue, weighing the possibilities of outcomes and doing what they thought was best.

The board took a look at two additional concepts, ultimately taking action to approve the latest concept, 10.1.

District asked to take action on school bond issue

LYNDON — At the Jan. 8 school board meeting, board members, principals as well as the mayor looked back through eight previously designed building concepts and viewed the latest addition, concept nine.

USD 420 board approves community building remodel

OSAGE CITY—Eric Stueve was the first one out the door at the conclusion of USD 420’s special meeting at 7 a.m. Monday morning, but that was the point.

“He was ready to get started,” said Bill Sims, project manager for McPherson Construction.

The board readied the start of construction with approval of a $297,342 plan for the community building, significantly reducing costs from an earlier $500,000 estimate, and yet still shy of the budgeted $309,000.

The resubmitted plan breaks down several areas and utilizes local contractors. Several key items were re-bid.

Focus committee provides recommendation to USD 421 board

LYNDON—The USD 421 Focus Committee continued development of plans that will likely result in a bond issue for the district at its third, and likely final, meting Dec. 18.

“Because this committee didn’t expand and develop exactly as we had planned, there remained a larger share of school employees on the committee than anticipated,” said USD 421 Superintendent Brian Spencer. “The final composition truly seems to represent the entire range of ideas in the community. The discussion on Dec. 18 was very beneficial to the process.”



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