Osage City beings installing remotely read meters

OSAGE CITY—The central business district will be the first part of Osage City to be converted to new water, gas and electric meters. The meters will allow for drive-by reading, reducing the number of city employees required to read meters each month.

“We’re starting downtown, taking care of downtown first,” said Joey Lamond, utilities manager. “Kind of got them set up the way the guys are reading meters.”

Boy Scouts to host outdoor event this weekend

Jayhawk Area Council, Boy Scouts of America will host the Klondike Derby Jan. 20-22 at Pomona Lake, 110 Mile Park. This year's Theme is Call of the Wild, based on the book by Novelist Jack London.

New this year, will be a Klondike Village with Mountain Man displays of period tools and skills, plus an Native American Indian Tee Pee and artifacts with a real Buffalo Hide.

Alley discussion returned to zoning committee

OSAGE CITY—The Osage City Council heard an update from Tom DeBaun, planning and zoning committee, during the Dec. 13 meeting regarding the opening of a partially closed alley running parallel between Lakin and Holiday streets, between Seventh and Eighth streets.

At the Nov. 22, meeting, the council directed the planning and zoning committee to hold a public hearing regarding the matter.

Commissioners inspect new trucks

LYNDON—The Osage County Commission received an update from Glen Tyson, road and bridge supervisor, on the delivery of the first of two trucks ordered by the county last year.

“This is the first one,” Tyson said. “The second one is in Topeka, getting inspected. We’re close to getting that, possibly this afternoon.”

The commissioners inspected the new truck during Tuesday’s regular meeting. The meeting was delayed due to the observance of New Year’s Day Jan. 2.

“Now you just need some snow,” said Gaylord Anderson, commissioner.

County commissioners wrap up year end business

LYNDON—The Osage County Board of Commissioners held their final meeting of 2016 Dec. 27 at the Osage County Courthouse.

“So other than some beer licenses, what do we have?” asked Fred Diver, commissioner.

The commissioners approved cereal malt beverages for Melvern Lake Marina, Doman’s General Store and Green Acres Restaurant. They also conducted business with the treasurers and road and bridge departments.

Construction delays trouble Carbondale council

CARBONDALE—Pat Cox, BG Consultants, expressed frustration to the Carbondale City Council Dec. 19 regarding the ongoing construction issues with Trinium, Inc. The newly installed sidewalk and park renovation are now overdue for completion.

The project’s start date was June 20 and was set to be completed Sept. 18. An extension for Oct. 18 was awarded, but the completion date was not met.

Year in Review: Top Stories of 2017

Pomona Lake skiers take on freezing waters

POMONA LAKE—The Rough Water Warriors celebrated the 25th year of their annual first-of-the-year waterskiing outing Jan. 1, dodging the ice on Pomona Lake.

USD 456 board upgrades communications

MELVERN—The Marais des Cygnes Valley school board met Dec. 12 to discuss growth and development for 2017.

Ted Hessong, superintendent, recommended the communication link to the handheld devices to the Quenemo water tower sight be upgraded.

Overbrook's new used dump truck requires repair

OVERBROOK—Don Bryant, maintenance supervisor for Overbrook, informed the Overbrook City Council Dec. 14 the city’s dump truck, which was purchased in October for $13,500, has broken down and will require major repairs.

“The truck is presently at Hoyt’s Truck Service awaiting approval from you as a council to approve the repairs,” Bryant said. “The best-case scenario will still cost $10,000, and the worst would cost $15,000. The number one cylinder has broken rings and the liner is also cracked, allowing the coolant into the engine oil.”

USD 420 board reviews first semester of preschool

SCRANTON—The USD 434 Board of Education reviewed the first semester of the district-wide preschool program, which initiated this school year at Scranton Attendance Center.

The district offers half-day preschool to 3-year-olds and day-long preschool for 4-year-olds. Nearly 100 children are enrolled in the program.

“If you build it, they will come, and boy have they come,” said Theresa Foster, preschool teacher. “Kids do amazing things for other students. It’s awesome we have three-year-olds coming. The older ones are taking the younger ones under their wing.”



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