USD 421 board jumps on OSHA suggestions

BURLINGAME — The USD 454 Board of Education discussed adjustments that must be made following a recent visit from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, when they met in regular session Jan. 11.

“A representative of OSHA came in during the Christmas break,” said Allen Konicek, superintendent. “It wasn’t a bad report.”

“We have not received the final report yet, but we do know some areas that he told us about that we’re going to need adjustments.”

Konicek told the board about the adjustments mentioned by the OSHA representative. The district is already working on fixing the adjustments mentioned by the OSHA representative.

“They seemed to pick on one item,” said Konicek. “This inspector was mainly concerned with GFIs or ground fault interrupters.”

Konicek said the OSHA representative was primarily concerned with placing GFIs in areas where moisture might be present. Specific areas mentioned included locker rooms, the bus barn and the kitchen.

“We are built according to code, but not according to his likes,” said Konicek.

The district is also working on weight-rating storage in the bus barn. The storage contains desks, chairs and high-jump mats. Konicek has an appointment with a structural engineer, who works with the city, on Jan. 18 to weight-rate the storage.

The district’s industrial art department is also making handrails for the storage space.

Other adjustments Konicek mentioned included putting up exit lights in the conference room, a “not an exit” sign on the door to the Phoenix area and safety shields on a drill press.

The district had not received the final report from OSHA, but Konicek said it is expected within three to four weeks.

“When we get the final report, we’ll take another look at it,” he said. “We thought we’d just get a jump on some of it.”

In other business, the board:

• approved administrative contracts for the 2017-18 school year. The board offered contracts to Tammy Baird, high school principal; Tamara Buche, elementary principal; and Konicek, superintendent.

• heard from Konicek about plans for upgrading the parking lot lighting. The district is working with Wes Colson, city superintendent, on the project.

• held a five minute executive session to discuss student matters and a 30-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel.

• heard the Masonic Lodge will be presenting an award to an outstanding teacher and outstanding student during half-time of the girls’ basketball game Feb. 6.

• received the itinerary for the senior trip. Planned activities for the trip include fishing, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking and shopping.


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