Shop-at-home campaign begins today

OSAGE COUNTY—The Osage County Herald-Chronicle and 26 local businesses are joining together to sponsor Christmas on Us, an exciting promotion that will award prizes totaling $3,000 to people who shop locally at participating businesses.

“The contest rewards people for spending their money locally,” said Chris Faimon, co-publisher of The Herald-Chronicle. “Sponsoring businesses also benefit from the contest, since winners can spend the scrip only at participating businesses.”

The contest features area businesses from Burlingame, Carbondale, Lyndon, Osage City, Overbrook and Scranton. For each $10 spent at participating businesses, shoppers will receive a ticket. A corresponding ticket will go into a bin at The Herald-Chronicle office. Each ticket offers the opportunity to win scrip money.

Participants may also claim a free ticket each week of the contest by visiting The Herald-Chronicle office at 527 Market St., Osage City.

Winning tickets will be selected during four weekly drawings, along with the grand prize drawing set for 6:30 p.m. Dec. 19 at the Osage City High School auditorium.

Scrip money can be spent at any business participating in the Christmas on Us promotion. See pages 13 and 14 in this week’s Herald-Chronicle, where sponsoring businesses are featured.

Each week, several $50 winners will be selected and announced in the Christmas on Us advertising section of the newspaper. In addition to the 10 weekly winners, two $250 and two $1,000 prizes will be given away at the grand prize drawing. Any unclaimed $50 prizes will be awarded at the grand prize drawing.

To participate, start shopping and collecting tickets from the participating businesses.

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