Public Health Warning for Michigan Valley Swim Beach at Pomona Lake

Public Service Announcement - Public Health Warning for Michigan Valley Swim Beach at Pomona Lake.

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers announce the existence of a blue-green algae bloom at the Michigan Valley swim beach at Pomona Lake. Blue-green algae identification tests have confirmed the presence of the algae. The most recent tests showed the presence of the toxin microcystin but levels can increase or decrease on a daily basis. Hot and sunny weather conditions combined with high nutrient levels create ideal conditions for harmful algae bloom growth. Swimming is not allowed at the Michigan Valley Swim Beach and all wading and contact with algae is highly discouraged. You can utilize the beach located in Pomona State Park on the south side of the lake.

Pet owners need to be particularly mindful of the presence of blue-green algae. Dogs are highly susceptible to algae toxins and frequently ingest concentrated toxins from shoreline areas. Pets that swim in or drink water affected by a harmful algal bloom, or that eat dried algae along the shore may become seriously ill.

Boat ramps and lake activities are not affected at this time. Marinas, lakeside businesses and park camping facilities are open for business. Drinking water and showers at parks are safe and not affected by algae blooms.

KDHE will continue to monitor these public waters and will update the status as conditions warrant. For more information contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Pomona Lake at (785) 453-2201.

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