Potter, Wilbanks claim $1,000 prizes

OSAGE CITY—The Christmas on Us Grand Prize Drawing was held Dec. 18 at the Osage City High School Auditorium, where the final prizes in the $3,000 Christmas on Us Giveaway were awarded.

The contest collected 94,488 tickets, tracking $944,880 spent at participating businesses in Osage County during the holiday season.

The two $1,000 grand prizes were awarded two Roger Wilbanks and Mandi Potter, each of Osage City.

Wilbanks accepted the $1,000 award for Delmore and Cynthia Wymore, also of Osage City, which was received from Theel Plumbing. Delmore was in the hospital during the drawing, but the couple began spending the winnings as soon as he was released.

“We gave half of it to a lady that needed it badly,” Delmore Wymore said. “I’m going to go out and get a ham and a couple turkeys and give to some needy people. From there, I don’t know. Probably buy groceries.”

He joked about sharing the winnings with Wilbanks, who works for Delmore.

“We might give him a slice of ham,” Delmore said.

Potter’s winning ticket came from Jerry’s Thriftway, in Osage City. She planned to spend her money on groceries.

“It’s a great idea,” Potter said of the Christmas on Us contest.

Two $250 prizes were also awarded at the event. Jim and Adriane Creviston, Burlingame, won the first prize with a ticket from purchases at Caseys. The Crevistons planned to spend the money on Christmas gifts.

Carlos Tumbleson, Osage City, gave two thumbs up to winning $250 from a ticket received from Jerry’s Thriftway. Tumbles said he loves the Christmas on Us promotion, and plans to spend the money at the lumber yard.

The remaining $50 scrip prizes were won by Shirley Swinhart, Scranton; Debbie Fagan, Osage City; and Tiffany Phillips, Osage City.

Tickets drawn throughout the Christmas on Us contest:

$1,000 Prizes

1505039 – Mandi Potter, Osage City
7268023 – Roger Wilbanks, Osage City
9466861 – Unclaimed*

$250 Prizes

6745325 – Carlos Tumbleson, Osage City
6754707 – Adriane Creviston, Burlingame
5295992 – Unclaimed*
8525381 – Unclaimed*
5261731 – Unclaimed*
1507503 – Unclaimed*

$50 Prizes

5262080 – Shirley Swinehary, Scranton
5267090 – Debbie Fagan, Osage City
5269331 – Tiffany Phillips, Osage City
1844763 – Unclaimed*
1856053 – Unclaimed*
1506517 – Unclaimed*
5268774 – Unclaimed*

$50 Prizes, Week 4

7513405 – Jodee Rowe, Osage City
3355910 – Bill and Kay Sheall, Scranton
5477405 – Briand and Sydney Stromgren, Osage City
5265821 – Christena Hanson, Osage City
7274886 – Unclaimed*
5478995 – Unclaimed*
7515909 – Unclaimed*

$50 Prizes, Week 3

5297586 – Nancy Decock, Osage City
9315431 – Unclaimed*
9467928 – Unclaimed*
6746287 – Unclaimed*
8443192 – Unclaimed*

$50 Prizes, Week 2

7274473 – Unclaimed*
1506633 – Unclaimed*
9468760 – Unclaimed*
9479142 – Unclaimed*

$50 Prizes, Week 1

7501260 – Crystal Brabb, Osage City
9474509 – Julie Carlson, Osage City
9209970 – Unclaimed*
4629803 – Unclaimed*

*Winners were required to be present to win, printed numbers expired after one week. All prizes have been distributed. Numbers provided for informational purposes only.


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