ELECTION RESULTS: County county 153 provisionals

LYNDON—County officials canvassed provisional ballots Monday morning, paving the way for officials results from the Nov. 8 general election.

Provisional ballots are those with questionably legitimacy do to voter issues, including moves, failure to register. Osage County Commissioners are based with making final interpretation of laws regarding each situation.

Of the hundreds of provisional ballots, commissioners approved more than 150, including several partial ballots for voters who voted in the wrong district, or moved without registering.

“Several people who voted in the wrong precincts within the county,” said Rhonda Beets, county clerk.

Several ballots were throw out, for failure to register, or for not filling out provisional ballot cards to address their issues. Some voters registrations have expired.

“What’s the rule for cancelling a voter,” asked Gaylord Anderson, county chair.

“They have to miss two presidential elections,” Beets said. “Then they have to re-register.”

The total number of votes counted in the presidential election was 7,153; slightly lower than the 7,398 voters who went to the polls last week.

State canvassing of votes is required to be completed by Dec. 1.

U.S. President
Hilary Clinton (D) 1,753 339,039* 61,047,207*
Gary Johnson (L) 302 42,633* 4,168,905*
Jill Stein (I) 165 18,734* 1,258,160*
Donald Trump (R) 4,826 558,595* 60,375,961*
Write-In 107 na na
U.S. Senate
Robert Garrand (L) 494 63,428*
Jerry Moran (R) 4,977 716,661*
Patrick Wiesner (D) 1,636 368,627*
U.S. Representative, 2nd District
James Bales (L) 450 18,700*
Lynn Jenkins (R) 5,005 177,851*
Britani Potter (D) 1,632 94,561*
19th District Senator
Zach Haney (R) 3,733 11,857*
Anthony Hensley (D) 3,321 15,847*
State Representative, 54th District
Ken Corbet (R) 1,831 5,825*
Renae Hansen (D) 1,307 5,024*
State Representative 59th District
Blaine Finch (R) 1,354 NA*
State Representative 76th District
Teresa Briggs (D) 964 3,323*
Eric L. Smith (R) 1,328 5,832*
Board of Education, 4th District
Ann E. Mah (D) 2,927 72,167*
Sue E. Mollenkamp (R) 3,997 51,336*
Commissioner, 2nd District
Gaylord D. Anderson (R) 1,722
James R. Foster (D) 804
Commissioner, 3rd District
Ken Kuykendall (R) 1,964
Write-In 60
County Clerk
Rhonda Beets (R) 6,324
Write-In 78
County Treasurer
Lexie Fager (R) 6,359
Write-In 90
Register of Deeds
Linda L. Massey (R) 6,136
Write-In 308
County Attorney
Brandon L. Jones (R) 6,117
Write-In 148
County Sheriff
Laurie Dunn (R) 5,213
David Kidwell (D) 1,776
Agency Township Trustee
Sam Watts (D) 129
Agency Township Treasurer
Write-In 57
Arvonia Township Trustee
James Wallace (R) 51
Arvonia Township Treasurer
Kyle J Barr (R) 50
Barclay Township Trustee
Russell Balding (R) 88
Barclay Township Treasurer
Dennis Brock (R) 86
Burlingame Township Trustee
David Dreyer (R) 625
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Election Results

Continued from 1
Burlingame Township Treasurer
Write-In 114
Dragoon Township Trustee
David Thompson (R) 106
Dragoon Township Treasurer
Mike McCue (R) 107
Elk Township Treasurer
Hope Koger (D) 752
Elk Township Trustee
Tom Moore (R) 833
Fairfax Township Treasurer
Janice Koehler (R) 267
Fairfax Township Trustee
Robert Scheid (R) 270
Grant Township Trustee
Fred Pearson (R) 125
Grant Township Treasurer
Patrick Bean (R) 129
Junction Township Treasurer
Jane Smith (R) 455
Junction Township Trustee
Jacob A. Sand (R) 525
Lincoln Township Treasurer
Charles F. Wilde (R) 48
Lincoln Township Trustee
Darin Patterson (R) 50
Melvern Township Treasurer
Jim Irey (R) 301
Olivet Township Treasurer
Brian Allison (D) 103
Olivet Township Trustee
David Combes 114
Ridgeway Township Trustee
Write-In 118
Ridgeway Township Treasurer
Clarence Wolfe (R) 877
Scranton Township Treasurer
Edward Hug (R) 387
Superior Township Trustee
Chris Croucher (R) 111
Superior Township Treasurer
Ronda Harmon (R) 118
Valley Brook Township Trustee
Dan Dehn (R) 573
Valley Brook Township Treasurer
Write-In 94
Fire District Board Member Reading
Joshua M. Weltha 33
Constitutional Amendment
Yes 6,095
No 885

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