Department rebuilds with new leadership

QUENEMO—Marty Kane has taken on duties of the Quenemo Police Department, taking a three-fold approach of safety, enforcing ordinances and improving community outreach.

“I’m trying real hard to get the department built up and grown,” said Kane. “We’re operating on a small budget, but we’ll get there. I’m trying to make the city a safe and enjoyable place for those who want to live in a small town.”

The position has been vacant since the resignation of former officer Darryl Manning on Jan. 21. Manning served as the first city officer in years, and was hired Sept. 9, 2015.

Kane said his ultimate goal for Quenemo fell in to three steps—promoting public safety, educate about laws and relocate those who don’t consider public safety and laws.

Kane has started from scratch with the Quenemo Police Department. This has included acquiring lots of equipment for the department, much of which was donated by local departments. This equipment included acquiring a light bar and console from Burlingame Police Department for $150, a Joto console desk used by Carbondale police for $100, a police canine car acquired from the Topeka Police Department for $1 and two used WatchGuard car camera systems donated by Osage County Sheriff’s Department. New radios have also been purchased.

The Quenemo Police Department has kept busy for the first two months since Kane’s takeover. The department has been working on getting dogs certified for narcotics, enforcing traffic, making arrests and solving the ATV issue within the city. Regarding the ATV issue, the department has been working on getting the ATV’s licensed, insured and tagged, as well as getting riders to wear helmets.

“I want to be firm, fair and consistent with implementing law enforcement,” Kane said.

Kane said continued improvement for the department and the city is planned. He emphasized the importance of building relationships with other agencies, including patrolling assistance from there sheriff’s office, Lyndon and Melvern police. Kane also hopes to add part-time and reserve officers in the future.

“In the next six months to a year, there’s going to be some real positive changes, and I think the community will come along with it,” Kane said.

National Night Out

Kane hopes to promote continuous trust between the citizens and the police department by implementing Quenemo’s first National Night Out. The Quenemo Pride committee will assist in co-hosting the event.

Planned activities will be from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. July 27 at the city park and community building. Events include a barbeque of hot dogs and hamburgers, Ident-A-Kid fingerprinting and DNA swabbing, a bounce house and a DJ for an evening dance. In addition, appearances will be made by the Melvern Police Department, Melvern Fire Department, Highway Patrol and Osage County Emergency Medical Services.

The departments will be there to socialize with community members and give tours of their vehicles. Kansas Highway Patrol will bring a seat belt convincer. The National Night out is open to all in Osage County.

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