Commissioners inspect new trucks

LYNDON—The Osage County Commission received an update from Glen Tyson, road and bridge supervisor, on the delivery of the first of two trucks ordered by the county last year.

“This is the first one,” Tyson said. “The second one is in Topeka, getting inspected. We’re close to getting that, possibly this afternoon.”

The commissioners inspected the new truck during Tuesday’s regular meeting. The meeting was delayed due to the observance of New Year’s Day Jan. 2.

“Now you just need some snow,” said Gaylord Anderson, commissioner.

“We’re supposed to get a little bit, we’ll see,” Tyson said. “As long as it’s not a whole lot.”

Tyson said he had also received a pickup truck purchased by the department.

“We picked it up last Tuesday or Wednesday.,” he said. “It’s in our possession.”

Tyson also brought in paperwork for a guardrail project.

“We need a motion to accept Criqui’s bid,” said Ken Kuykendall, commissioner.

Commissioners motioned and approved to accept the low bid from Criqui Construction Inc., of Melvern, for $178,630 for 1,025 linear feet of guardrail and 167 yards of additional basin.

“That’ a lot of money for guardrail,” said Anderson.

Other road and bridge business involved a 10-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel and the purchase of plastic culverts for smaller projects.

“Kansas Department of Transportation has approved and are using this new polypropylene material,” Tyson said. “We’re going to try a few.”

Treasurer hires

The commissioners also discussed a request from Shari Weber, county treasurer.

“I feel as though we need some staff in the treasurers office,” Weber said. “There are three people in the motor vehicle part, but when they’re sick or need a day off, there’s only two of them. It’d be nice if we trained two part-time people.”

Weber suggested the part-time employees start at $10 per hour, since they wouldn’t be receiving benefits. She also requested a full-time employee to assist with taxes.

“We have a number of personal property delinquencies that are four, five six years old,” Weber said. “This year, we put an exception that they cannot purchase motor vehicles tags because they haven’t satisfied their delinquencies.”

“How are you gong to pay for these,” asked Kuykendall.

“I believe I have money in the budget,” Weber said.

Kuykendall asked why money from the special auto fund hadn’t been transferred to the general fund to pay for salaries.

“There’s always been an agreement between the treasurers and commissioners, for history, that so much of special auto fund will go back to pay some of the workers in there,” he said.

Weber noted a statute stating she had until February to make that transfer. Commissioners continued discussion after Weber left the meeting.

“I’m not arguing the need for extra help,” Kuykendall said. “They do fall behind occasionally. They are now, especially on the tax side.”

Kuykendall suggested working with Scot Loyd, of Swindale, Janzen, Hawk and Loyd, LLC, auditors for the county, to see if there was room in the budget for the additional employees.

“I would suggest before we do anything, we have Rhonda (Beets, county clerk) talk to Scot, and have him email us before next meeting,” Kutykendall said.

“I would think that would work,” Anderson said.

“Do you want to wait while I do that?” Beets said.

“Next Monday is fine,” Kuykendall said, and motioned to adjourn the meeting.

In other business, commissioners:

• conducted a 20-mintue executive session to discuss attorney-client mattes with Pat Walsh, county counselor.

• approved purchase of a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox for the appraisers department for $17,000.

• approved payment of bills.

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