Skiers brave frigid air, water for annual event

POMONA LAKE—Some members of the Pomona Lake Ski Team will go a long way to be the first water skiers on the lake every year. As part of a 24-year tradition, they took to the lake Jan. 1 for the club’s annual New Year’s Ski.

“It’s crazy fun,” said Mark Weber, ski club member. “It’s a great adrenaline rush. When you hit that cold water, it’s really a big rush. It’s kind of become a tradition.”

As long as that lake isn’t frozen over, of course.

“I would say it’s about 50-50,” Weber said. “We started in 1990. It was the first year they did it. About every other year the lake is frozen over. It’s been two years we’ve missed now.”

In the first New Year’s Ski in three years, skiers were greeted by 33-degree water and 34-degree air temperatures.

“We use 100-degree day rule,” Weber said.

It the air and water temperature combine to be 100 degrees, skiing is tolerable.

“If the air-water are under 100, it’s like the ending scene from the Titanic,” Weber said.

However, no skiers froze to death in the Titanic-temperatures last week.

“It was a little below our 100 degree rule,” Weber said. “It probably took us about half an hour to get the boat in, because we had to break so much ice.”

Five skiers braved the icy water last week.

“We tried to get some of the girls to do pyramids, “ Weber said. “I think it was too cold.”

It was some of the coldest water the club has braved.

“We decided this year was the second coldest we’ve ever been skiing,” Weber said. “The year that was coldest, the water was 32 and the air was 28.”

Weber said it will be March or April before the club tests the water again.

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